Fractional Recruiting

Why Fractional Recruiting Works With Millenials

It is an estimate that Millennial will be contributing to the 50% of the workforce by the end of the year 2020.

Younger workers are a bit different. They know their career destinations like everyone, but they even know how to travel the path. Their personal communication and their culture really matters to them.

The millennial generation is unique, and they decide their future without any presumptions.

Most interestingly, even the consumer demographics are mostly comprises millennial. So, why not hire people who think alike our customers to improve the chances of our success. It can be a guarantee to success.

Above all, the current work situations demand ample strength and young blood that can be handles by young workforce only. With the passage of time, the older generations have become less agile and less active.

Hiring these millennial or channelizing their energy is not that easy. They are born and brought up in a generation where everything is instant and online.

Their mindsets and skills are different from other generations and hence we need a different recruiting strategy to accommodate such a big work force.

Fractional recruiting, a very concept of Fractional marketing believes in hiring temp employees. Rent a property rather than owning it. It is as simple as that. Fractional recruiting does not incur major costs and time investment.

It is best for startups as they are always short on their resources and high-on demand. It has its own set of benefits and is suitable for both the employee and employer.

How hard a founder can try, he cannot perform all the jobs alone. Moreover with the start of business he definitely needs to put in more efforts to the customers and products. Fractional recruiting help startup founders overcome their limitations by minimizing costs to hiring.

Fractional recruiting works best in the case of millennial. We have enlisted these few logics to prove our point.

Career expectations

The career expectation of a millennial is different to that of older generations. The amount of effort and cost they put into their education and life make them desire high paying jobs. They often feel dissatisfied when working at a profile lower than they demand with insufficient wages.

It generates some kind of frustration into them. Fractional recruitment helps them to choose the career path of their own choice. it opens up new ways for them to earn higher and serve their responsibilities more efficiently.

Advanced technology

Millennial obviously prefer tech savvy companies during their hiring process. Their life runs on technology. They don’t like to visit their offices regularly. Instead, they prefer using advanced technology to mark their presence at their workplaces. Fractional hiring allows them to be a part of system even without joining it formally.

Faster career advancement

Gone are the times when people used to believe that slow and steady brings the race and steadiness make your life more beautiful. The new generation is all about speed.

They need to learn, enhance their experience and move on to a new journey. The fractional recruiting dynamic has opened the new doors of progress for them. Their jobs don’t tie them anymore, and they are kings of their lives.


The ambitious attitude of the millennial serves as the strongest base behind the popularity of the fractional recruiting model. They are ambitious enough to not tie them to stagnant jobs and trying their hands in every other field.

They know that long-lasting contracts will make them dull and kill their ambitious instinct.


Above all, the 21st century generation loves their independence, and they never put it some else’s hands. This is what makes them more confident and proud. They live their lives on their own terms.

They see fractional recruitment as a golden opportunity because the platform let them work and enjoy the freedom simultaneously.

Hunger to learn

Millennial possess an insatiable hunger for knowledge. They are always up for new experiences. However, being stuck at a single organization is no more than a break to their learning journey.

It stimulates their creativity. The new generation believes in an ongoing journey and creating fresh experiences on their way.

What be a better option that fractional recruitming?

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