Hiring Best Practices

How to attract candidates by improving your careers page?

A career page of the company is its pitch. It is a showcase where you can represent the candidates why your company is attractive.

When it comes to HR management, one of the hiring best practices is to develop a compelling career page. It makes it easy for the candidates to apply for open roles.

We have enlisted a few careers page examples that will encourage potential candidates to apply to your jobs:

Display your jobs prominently

Careers page is meant for job listings. Job openings should be listed in such a way that a candidate can find them in minimum number of clicks. Get your careers page designed in such a way that display jobs and job filters are located on the front page of the website.

This page is an example of display page of business intelligence Software Company. The grouping of jobs is done in a clear and accessible way.

Aim for a hassle-free application

No one likes the lengthy application process. Candidates quit this lengthy process. When the candidate clicks on the “Apply” button, he definitely does not like to answer the questions with the information he has already mentioned in his resume.

Test drive your already existing careers page design and ask these questions to you:

  • Are all the mentioned fields necessary?
  • Is it necessary to ask for this information at this stage?
  • Is this information available on the resume or social media page of the candidate?
  • Is this questionnaire relevant and makes sense? (egs multiple choice vs open end questions)
  • Are we asking about any pertinent information (college grades)?

Prefer a quick and streamlined design over a complex one. Ask hires to upload their resume and cover letters and answer only a few relevant and qualifying questions. Choose a single page application form over anything and an Application Tracking System (ATS) can help you in this.

Showcase your culture

Candidates want to have a clear picture of the company in which they are going to apply for an open role. Careers page is an ideal place to showcase to spotlight the culture, mission and visions of the company.

It offers candidates an insight to what they are looking for, and to understand if they are the right fit. You can easily communicate your message through videos, slogans and graphics.

Talk about your benefits

Information about benefits is always welcomed and appreciated by candidates. It is most important job attribute an employer can offer.

A few companies display the “benefits they offer” content on the front page of their careers page.

Offer inside information to job seekers

A hire definitely wants to know if your company is worth applying or not. That is why they visit sites like LinkedIn company profile or Glassdoor to gather behind the scenes information of the company before applying. Personalizing your careers page with your team member’s views really works.

Keep your careers page current

Have you ever realized that managing your company’s career page can attract job seekers in your company?

Managing in general means responding to the reviews and sharing details about your culture.

Updated accounts help candidates to visualize how your company works and grows.

A mobile version of your careers page

Nearly 60 percent of people prefer to apply for a job that offers a page for their mobiles. They try to save the page on their mobile and use it later on their laptops. A mobile career’s page has become must in today’s time. It reduces the bouncing rate of hires.

These few tips will help you to improve the mobile version of your page:

  • Keep your copy short and punchy: No one likes to scroll through the long paragraphs of copy on the mobile.
  • Avoid graphics or videos that take long time: The pages that are not easily accessible are frustrating.
  • Make sure your page adapts to every screen size: Candidates may access your page from different devices like laptop, mobile or tab.
  • Simplify the process of application: Going through different pages can be annoying. Different pages take more time to open up in mobile. Avoid popup windows.

Measure and test your career’s page effectiveness

The conversion rate defines the success of your career’s page. IT is important to track your conversion rates as it informs you about how people interact with your page.

Your careers page is a showcase and branding tool of your company. It helps you explore new opportunities.

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