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How to manage a talent pipeline with Modern sourcing tools?

Hiring process is no more the usual old process of posting a job and inviting applications. In this modern era, it has evolved.

It has become much like a talent pipeline where sourcing the right candidate has become easy and effective. It ensures a regular flow so that you don’t have to wait while expanding the work.

What is Talent pipeline?

Setting up a talent pipeline is an effective approach in managing the recruitment process. Although, creating an effective talent pipeline strategy needs lots of efforts, time and careful planning yet, once done it shortens the process of hiring. It enhances your chances of getting the best people. It is much like your own talent pool and you can pick the right talent that matches your requirement.

It is a well-stocked database that can fulfill all your hiring needs of the future. And, that is why; it becomes so important to manage these pipelines.

We have enlisted a few management tips that will help you to manage your talent pipeline.

Develop your internal talent pool

Internal hiring has always been a point of argument. These are the people suitable for your company culture and know you well. Their performance evolution can help you to conduct effective planning for succession. Identify who in your staff possess the critical skill and support you in difficult times of emergency hiring.

There may be a few conditions related to it. Some of your best talent may need training sessions in order to hold critical positions. These are the right people to invest in. They can be your potential successors who can be placed at any position at the time of requirement. They can even provide coaching in the future.

 Sourcing an external talent pool

It can be a challenging task to recruit the external talent. It needs lots of sourcing and networking to create and manage an external talent pipeline. It needs a strategic approach to build and manage this kind of pipeline.

These few tips will help you.


Modern sourcing tools will help you find resumes and profiles

Sourcing does not need to be reactive all the time. The modern talent pipelines and sourcing techniques bring you closer to the pool of talented professionals. Keep the contacts in radar even if they are not looking for the job. The modern hiring templates along with the tools make it easier to maintain a relationship with your future talent. Boolean search tool on Google help you find talent effectively.

Keep an eye on rejected candidates

There is much talent who gets rejected at the final step of the hiring process. You can keep them as an option for your future requirements. You know that they are talented enough to pass the initial stages of the hiring such as cognition and screening. Although rejected for a certain position, they can fit in some other position. Show them respect and make sure they leave your space with the positive impression of your company.

Attend events to persuade passive candidates

There are certain events such as meetups, job fairs, university career fairs and conferences that act as a platform to meet passive candidates. It only helps you refine your recruiting pitch and your talent pipeline will keep loaded. Never bound your work with filling current opportunities only but meet the passive employees with equal enthusiasm and future opportunities. Connect with them and try to keep in touch.

Source candidates from their social media profiles

The world of social media networking has made the process of finding the talent easier. From LinkedIn to Twitter to Glassdoor and Facebook, you can keep searching and adding candidates to your talent pool.

Develop your referral programs

Referrals are probably the greatest way to source the best candidates that are talented and adjust well with your company culture. In this case, your employees will be looking for candidates when you will be busy with other tasks. It speeds up your work and your talent pool never loses its grip. Encourage your current employees to refer other talented persons they trust.

Apart all this, employer branding is first step in setting up your talent pipeline. Attractive employers are the pre-requisites when it comes to maintaining your talent pipeline. Make sure to set up your employer brand and be a desirable place people would love to work into.

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