Sourcing Candidates

How to Recruit at a Job Fair

Ever wondered what candidate sourcing is like at a job fair?

Speed-dating I think. The employers meet their tentative employees, at the set time and place, looking for a correct match.

The successful sourcing initiatives are the key to a successful recruitment plan of a company.

Entering into the job fairs with this approach will help you search the right talent in the pool of talent and potential candidates. Job fairs are the right place to entice top-tier candidates.

These few tips will help you to stand out and gain maximum experience at a job fair.

Host a contest: It is quite significant to attract the best talent in a career fair. But, how to do so? The super-strict environment of a job fair can be stuffing and anyone would love to get rid of it. Introducing a talent hunt or a completion will lighten the professionalism and inspire everyone to participate in it. You can ask them to submit their copy of resume in exchange of participating into your contest.

Advertise your presence: A running organization already has a large pool of employees to engage with. Your broader community includes top-tier candidates. Announce your presence in the job fairs via social media and email marketing lists. Provide the specific list of information including location of your booth. Also, provide hints about your special display. Try to show up with a special swag item to create hype in the fair.

Digitize your booth: No one wants to mess with the trail of papers in this time. Try to use digital things for collecting resumes and filling out applications. The digitization of hiring process is quite beneficial to modern recruitment process. Use laptops or tablets to display your recruitment videos, demonstrations and presentations to paint a positive picture of your brand.

Know your roles: Defining the roles clearly is the first step towards the recruitment. It will help you to fill the roles efficiently. Make a sheet that includes the position with all its key responsibilities and daily tasks.

Try to post all these details online so that it can be totally transparent. It will help you set up a mutual beneficial relationship between you and your employee.

Pick the best reps: It is not that simple that your HR team go to the job fair and promote your brand. It is better to send people that will work with the new hires on daily basis. Make sure the most positive, energetic and enthusiastic employees of your organization join the fair and meet new people.

It will help you in two ways. Firstly, your departments will come in direct contact with potential talent, and they will narrow it down as per your own requirement. Secondly, potential candidates will have a direct conversation with your employees and know about your reputation. It gives a first-hand experience to both.

Provide sustenance: Not only creative freebies, you will also want enticing passer-by to munch on your booth in job fair. Keeping candies, coffee, pizza or snacks at your counter will help you to catch their gaze. Being creative can be fun, but sealed and labeled items should be preferred. Something branded will create a good reputation of your brand.

Leverage your wins: Has it ever happened that your company has names as the best places to work in your area? Or has your organization won any nomination in last few years. Do you have a referral from an employee that makes your organization shine? Put all the information on a banner, literature or your backdrop?

Emphasizing your props will help the potential candidates to make a biased reputation of your brand.

Don’t sit: Sitting behind your counter on a job fair is a big no. Stand in front or on to the side of the table. It will intimidate the job seekers especially younger ones. It helps to invite people. Moreover, either sitting behind the table or standing at all, keep smiling. It is first thing the potential candidates will notice about you. It creates a positive aura.

Arrive in plenty of time to set up: One can easily spot a difference between a quick and relaxed work. A neat and maintained counter will simply enhance your impression.

Pick unique swag: Job fairs are about free promotional items. Therefore, it is important to maintain a realistic attitude.