Sourcing Candidates

How to use email to attract candidates

If you are a recruiter or a hiring manager sourcing candidates, you must know the importance of communication. This greatest tool helps you reach the candidates and decide whether you will succeed or not. There are endless communication platforms in today’s time but each one has its own pros and cons.

Among all these, email marketing is still considered as the topmost method that can be used to reach passive candidates without creating much fuss about it.

No one bothers about cold recruitment mails or calls and the candidate you are targeting are already tired of being bombarded by hundreds of emails from other companies and organizations.

So, there must be something unique in your email that it can stand out in the crowd. Easier said than done, we know! That is why; we have enlisted these 10 influential tips that will help you to create an outstanding email. I hope you will keep all these tips in mind while writing for your next campaign.

Your email should stand out

Most of the emails we receive are generated automatically. Content has been simply copied and pasted from a template or reference, only the name has been changed. All these emails get deleted right away.

First of all, make sure that your email does not stand out for any wrong reason. Put some efforts in a cold email before sending them. Include some evidence that showcase a personal touch and makes the personal realize that he is an important part of your database.

Don’t explain what your company do

Time is precious and one likes to waste in on the useless information. Don’t waste your and candidate’s time explaining the basics. If he is interested in your project, he must be aware of your company’s profile. Don’t even explain about your project. Give him a detailed history about the project is merely a waste.

Keep it as short as you can. Brief your company’s details, indicate your industry and job opening and you are done. This much information is completely enough.

Focus on your main goal: scheduling a meeting or call

Verbal communication is always much better than correspondence. It is same while hiring a candidate as well. If you think that the candidate will sign your offer letter simply after reading your email, then you must be joking. Your goal should be to arrange a meeting or call to make things more bearable.

Catchy subject lines

Whether your email is opened or not, the candidate will take a look at your subject even if he is going to delete it right away. The factors like length of the subject, clarity, personalization, shared connections and non-spammy will decide the quality of the subject.

Do your research

Many people believe in automation but if you want to run a potential hire search, you need to focus on targeted emails. Try to go beyond the information you already have and look for details online.

Send personalize messages

Carrying out research will not only help you to address the candidate properly but you will also be able to send a more impactful personalize message. Never drop any information that is irrelevant to the candidate. It will make you sound like a stalker only.

Be brief

Keeping your email up to the mark will help you get extra attention. Start off the game with the company details and quickly move to job opening. Mention all the requirements just below the job opening and drop a link to further details. It will help you get quick attention.

Remember the CTA

Always end up your email with something that can make reader generate a curiosity in your reader. A good call-to-action will increase your chances to be answered. For example:

  • Would you like to ask a few more questions?
  • Would to like to connect?


Taking follow -ups to your already generated emails increases your chances to be answered. Like a second email with a simple question, “Was the previous mail useful for you?” It will force the candidate to look for the previous mail and check.

Analyse your email campaign data time to time

Reaching out to the potential hires is no less than a sales and needs regular analysis. It will help you conclude in the right direction.

To learn more about best practices for candidate sourcing, check out our full guide.