Top 3 Reasons NOT to Use a Recruiter

For some reason or another, it’s time for a change. It’s time to polish the resume and start networking for a new career. For a lot of people, the word “networking” has a negative connotation that requires a lot of work. This is why they often turn to recruiters to do the “networking” part for them, and all they have to do is show up for the interviews.

Here are the top 3 reasons why this isn’t the best approach to find a new job:

The opportunities are limited

A recruiter’s sole purpose is to get you a high paying job and collect their 20% on your salary. Most of them won’t care if they place you in a mail room job at IBM so long as the pay is $150K a year. Granted, there are some recruiters that will work with you and even meet you at their office to discuss your needs and goals. However, you still won’t have any control on what jobs they will offer you. Your opportunities are limited to whatever open positions that are being shopped by the recruiting agency at that point in time. Yes, it’s easy to just show up for the interview, but why limit yourself when a career change is a big deal for most professionals.

You have no control of the process

The recruiter will often hand your resume with a bunch of other resumes. Part of their job is to offer a list of viable candidates, and they often don’t care who is selected so long as someone is selected from their list. Hence, you have no control over your job application. You won’t have a chance to stand out among your peers. Moreover, the recruiter will dictate the times and locations of the interview so you will have a limited say in the hiring process.

The journey is as important as the goal

As an experienced professional, you have the skills that companies need and want. At this point in your career, why settle for whatever opportunity comes along? Why not go after that dream job you’ve been pining for? If you work with a recruiter, you will be limited to whatever open positions are available at that time. However, if you take control of the process and network yourself, then you’ll have more control on your next career move.

It’s a longer process to go on “informational interviews” and networking on LinkedIn or through Vested. However, if you have the time and patience, you’ll meet people in various industries. You’ll learn all the cool jobs and all the not-so-cool jobs in the industries you’re interested in. If you sell your skills properly, a company will even create opportunities just to hire you in their organization. Moreover, if you find jobs through networking, you’ll already have a rapport with your future boss. You won’t get this opportunity when you go through a recruiter.