10 Proven Ways to Save on Recruiting Fees: Part 2


by vested

A lot has changed in the world of recruiting over the past ten years but third party recruiting fees haven’t.


Here are 5 more ways to save in Part 2 of 2 of our series on the “Top 10 Proven Ways to Save on Recruiting Fees.”


6. Get Google to show your jobs in search results


Search-engine optimization can ensure your job posting gets presented to millions of candidates when they search Google for specific roles.

Here are some tips on how to optimize your job descriptions:


1. Use relevant keywords and phrases


Google “reads” your content for commonly-searched job keywords and phrases for relevance.  If you are hiring an Office Manager, make sure you include the most important job description keywords related to the role such as: administration, scheduling, and support.


2. Use simple job titles that are commonly searched


Sometime we let our creativity get the best of us and use fun job titles like “Business Wizard” or “Marketing Ninja.” But candidates aren’t likely to input those titles into Google when searching for roles — be specific and clear in your titles.


3. Use structured data for your job postings


If you have access to a front-end or website developer, there are specific rules which they can use here to ensure maximum discovery.


7. Provide a consumer-quality candidate experience


Companies that don’t actively manage the interview process often end up with a shoddy candidate experience. 


Glassdoor is littered with reviews that paint companies as disorganized based entirely on their interview experience.  And we all know that once an opinion finds its way onto the internet, it’s difficult to reverse.

Here are some ways to improve your candidate experience:


1. Be communicative:  Starting with the “we received your resume” email; frequent communication every step of the way will go a long way.  Send reminder emails, send thank you emails, and…


2. Send rejection emails: Once a decision has been made, an honest rejection email is always better than sending nothing.  This allows candidates to move forward with other opportunities and is always an appreciated gesture.


3.  Train your team for on-site interviews: Set up a brief training session to walk hiring managers thru a streamlined process — from touring the office, ensuring candidates have refreshments, and how to answer common questions.


4.  Structure the interview process:  Each interview should be streamlined and have a specific purpose. This helps your team make decisions quickly and allows you to get specific data points on how to compare candidates.


5. Measure your progress: Sending out formal or informal candidate surveys will help you keep a pulse on how candidates perceive your company.


8. Develop a Referral Program:


Talk to any recruiter and they’ll tell you that internal referrals are their top source of high-quality candidates.  A good referral program will help increase candidate quality, hire faster, and ultimately save on recruiting costs

In the case of internal referrals, the role of the recruiter becomes distributed across your employee base.  There are a few steps to create a strong employee referral program:


1. Develop a strong employer brand


2. Develop KPIs around internal referrals that get measured regularly


3. Create an economic incentive to refer candidates to the company


4. Be explicit around how employees should make introductions


5. Keep your referring employees in the loop on where their referrals stand in the process


9. Post to free job boards


Job board usage has expanded beyond Monster and CareerBuilder in the past 10 years.  Due to the ubiquity and prominence of the internet, there have been a growing number of job boards that help you reach thousands of potential hires. Many of them are free!

To help you increase your top of funnel, we’ve put together a list of the top 25 free job posting sites for employers.  Take a look and download below.


Download the Top 25 Free Job Boards


10. Don’t use them 😉


Instead use Vested’s disaggregated, low-cost offering.


Try us out. On average, customers receive better service, candidates, and more transparency.  


The best part?


On average, clients see a 50% reduction in fees through Vested.




We hope you’ve found these tips helpful. If you’d like more insight please let us know.  Vested is also offering a free, no risk trial of our candidate sourcing services.  Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Vested believes the external recruiting model is broken.  We see an opportunity to do things better. Vested significantly reduces the cost associated with agency recruiting while provide à-la-carte services, full transparency branded jobs, and a suite of assessments.


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