3 Fields That Highly Value Certifications


by vested

With the fluctuating economy, the job market has become increasingly competitive. Taking the step to invest in your value as an employee by pursuing certification has become the way of many job-seekers in our country. When you tack a certification onto your existing credentials it will ramp up the odds of snagging that incredible job. That piece of paper shows that you have integrity. You are an employee who takes pride in their work and the reliability with which you carry out the responsibilities with headstrong capability and confidence. Here are three fields in which certifications are highly valued.

Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

Each day new positions are opening up in the fields of Installation, Maintenance, and Repair. Careful research and consideration can help you decide which career choice you may want to journey toward. A few of the jobs available in these fields include automotive and glass repair, electric and electronics installers and repairers, general maintenance and repair workers,  engine Mechanics, and electronic home entertainment equipment installers and repairers. These are just a minute fraction of the many jobs that will open their doors to you for potential in employment when you have that certification as your backbone. Numerous schools offer various avenues to obtain your certification.


There are many reasons to get one, if not multiple, IT certifications. Our economic environment is incredibly volatile. To secure and retain an IT job today, you should strongly consider certification training. The possession of a certificate in any IT job gives you the power to leverage for better pay when you are being considered for employment as well. Some examples of IT certifications are CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional, CompTIA A+ and various coding language certifications such as JAVA. A CISSP designation is recognized globally and compatible with all vendors. The CompTIA A+ is designed to prepare a potential employee for an entry-level position required to install, maintain, customize and operate personal computers. In the IT field, certification is quite often a corporate requirement. According to Stevens Henager College, 9 percent of IT workers have certifications, ranking it as one of the fields with the highest percentage.

Medical Field Certifications

The demand for certified specialists in the medical field is high. There are a number of different programs to choose from. A CCMA is a Certified Medical Assistant. A CPT is a Certified Phlebotomy Technician, responsible for drawing blood. Not all medical certifications are in hospitals or doctor’s offices though, a CPhT is a Certified Pharmacy Technician. According to the American Association of Medical Assistants, medical professionals are in demand and the table for potential employment is full.

If you’re looking to hire someone in one of these fields, it’s a good idea to check if potential candidates have these kinds of certifications. They could be incredibly valuable to these industries. When someone takes the time and effort to go through training for a certification, that can be a good sign that the person is dedicated and willing to put in extra effort to be a better employee for your company.

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