3 Things That Can Cost You Your Chance at Your Dream Job


by vested

There are many things we can’t control that prevent us from landing our dream job, like not knowing the right people or a lack of qualifications. There are also just as many things that we do that we have direct control over that can cause us to lose out on our dream job. While you can’t always do anything about the former, there is plenty that you can do about the latter. If you’re being considered for your dream job, then make sure that you’re not guilty of any of these three things.

Lack of Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm shows up in a variety of ways in a job interview. Sometimes it’s overt, like when you’re describing a hobby you love. At other times, it’s quieter, like when you describe to your would-be employer what you know about their company. Expressing enthusiasm in an interview gives a potential employer an idea of just how engaged you’ll be on the job and how excited you are at the possibility of working for their company.

Social Media Posts

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have changed everything, including how people interview for jobs. Most job candidates know this. Many wisely go through their social media accounts, erasing offensive posts before they send out their resumes. However, some employers will go through years of posts for a job candidate: In these cases, even old posts can hurt you if they’re negative enough. In light of this, it’s best to not post offensive things on social media. However, if you must erase, then make sure you get it all.

Work Ethic

How hard you work can have a great impact on an employer’s business success, so naturally, most employers want to know if you’re willing to go the distance. Although these employers won’t have the chance to see your work ethic directly until they hire you, you do have ways that you can show how good your work ethic is. When you speak about past jobs, make sure that you demonstrate your willingness to keep working, regardless of whether the project was “important” or just another regular task.

Landing your dream job can feel like a crap shoot. However, there are plenty of things you can do to increase your chances. First, make sure that you demonstrate enthusiasm in your interview. Second, get rid of any possibly offensive posts on your social media accounts. Finally, show your would-be employer your dynamite work ethic. All other things being equal, taking care of these three things greatly increases your chances of landing your ideal job.

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