4 Simple Job Search Tips You Might be Forgetting


by vested

Searching for a new job can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Unfortunately, many job searchers spend so much time crafting the perfect resume and cover letter that they forget other vital job search strategies. Here’s a look at four simple job search tips you might be overlooking.

Customize Your Resume

Are you sending the exact same resume to every prospective employer? This is a common error that job searchers make. The truth is no two jobs are the same, and your resume shouldn’t be the same either. Instead, you should customize each resume before hitting submit. Start with your base resume. Next, jot down all the skills and qualifications listed in the original job posting that match your unique skill set. Now, make sure that these skills and qualifications are listed somewhere in your resume.

Touch Up Your LinkedIn Profile

One of the best ways to prove your professionalism to potential employers is to maintain a stellar LinkedIn page. Make sure that your LinkedIn profile mirrors your resume. You also want to focus on building a strong network on LinkedIn. There are many ways to increase the number of connections in your network. For example, be sure to use LinkedIn search options to find former and current classmates, colleagues, and mentors. Once you touch up your profile and build a network, you can use LinkedIn to help you find a job.

Clean Up Your Social Media Presence

Think employers don’t look at social media when hiring? Think again. According to a recent study, 70 percent of employers use social media to screen potential candidates. It’s vital that you clean up all your social media profiles, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Take the time to remove any controversial pictures, posts, or comments. Also, set your profiles to private to limit visibility.

Focus on Your Professional Appearance

Many job searchers don’t think about the email address they include on their resumes. While you might not think about it, prospective employers will. In fact, your name and email address will be the first things that potential employers see. A cute email like [email protected] might be fun to hand out to friends, but it looks incredibly unprofessional to employers. When job searching, take the time to set up a new professional-looking email address that includes your name, such as [email protected]

These four little steps can improve your chances of getting through the screening process and landing an interview. It’s important to be proactive and to take these vital steps before you even start the job search process. This will ensure that prospective employers see your full potential.

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