Make Employee Training Easy with These 4 Tips


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Your employees need the best training to be able to serve your customers better. While some of that training will come from managers and coworkers in their place in your company, you still need to make sure that employees receive training on federal laws affecting their jobs, your company’s structure, and many other aspects. Automating this training can be a huge time saver when it is done correctly.

Start Small and Test it Out

You will want to test out your training on a few employees before rolling it out to your whole crew. Develop a method to gather feedback from those employees. Then, adjust your training and present it again to another group. Do not be in a hurry to give it to everyone until you are sure that it is done properly.

Conduct Needs Assessment

You need to make sure that the training is aligned with the goals of your business. The first step is to determine what employees need to know. Then, you need to determine what employees know. You may want to examine human resource records to see what accidents occur most often. You may also want to interview employees to see what they feel that they need to learn. You may want to organize employees into focus groups allowing you to get a better understanding of their needs. Another option is to use a self-assessment.

Space Makes a Huge Difference

Try not to use hotel conference rooms for training. It is hard to set them up so that they are conducive to training. You need to think about giving each employee room for their personal belongings if you need them to take notes. If your training includes small group discussion, think about using round tables. On the other hand, if visuals are a large part of your training, then be sure that everyone can sit in a comfortable position while seeing the visuals. The closer together employees are the more energy will be in the room. You want to make sure you have the adequate technology. That can be difficult in hotel conference rooms.

Measure Success

You need to develop some sort of measurement to be sure that your training is effective. Analyze and monitor training on a regular basis so that you can be sure that it is helping to meet your company’s goals.

Many companies make the mistake of only training employees in the beginning. While that is important, use training throughout their employment to keep increasing skill levels as this ensures your customers are getting the best customer service possible.

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