Top 10 Tips for Hiring Sales People


by vested

Vested understands the importance your sales team has on the success of your business.  That’s why we’re dedicated to helping you find the best sales talent within 30 days.  Guaranteed.

Sales.  The lifeblood of every business.  Without revenue your company will fail.  Even subpar products and businesses gain market share at a breakneck pace because of talented sales teams.

To help you find the right reps, Vested contacted sales leaders from a variety of industries and company sizes to bring you the Top 10 Tips for Hiring Sales People

These tips are presented as quotes for full transparency into their mindset.  Let’s get started.

1.  “Be open to people who bring something new or different to the table. A goal for any organization is to have a healthy mix of people who bring different experiences.  Together this will provide your group depth of knowledge.”

Joseph Giarrusso
Regional Vice President, Enterprise Sales | Doximity

2.  “You can train someone to sell a certain product or service, but you can’t train them on how to stay motivated or resilient. Hire people who are competitive, confident, and intrinsically motivated to be their best selves.”

Lauren Miller
Senior Manager, Sales Recruiting | Yelp

3.  “It’s essential to hire people who can work with their internal partners. When talking to candidates about their past successes and wins, I want to understand how they worked with their internal teams. Every amazing sales rep has an even stronger team next to them. Their ability to effectively collaborate shows they understand how to work as a team.”

Melanie Marinelli
Regional Sales Manager | Upwork

4.  “Find people that want to learn and are motivated by self-improvement. People like that are willing to be taught and willing to get out of their comfort zone. Sales is harder today than it has ever been. They must have a WHY or a GOAL. It’s not just about money anymore, sales reps have to love the process.”

Patrick Brown
Enterprise SaaS Sales Manager | BlackBerry

5.  “When you look to attract and build a team, know what you’re looking for. The more you can identify specific attributes and traits the more success you’ll have. Identify gaps in your current team and hire team members to help fulfill those. You’ll be raising the bar and elevating your entire team when you can add to their current strengths.”

Jessica Klek
VP Enterprise Sales | SalesLoft

6.  “I screen for candidates who are highly motivated and coachable.  Motivated candidates can provide several examples of times they put their mind to something difficult and succeeded. This should come through during the interview and be visible throughout the resume. Coachable candidates can digest feedback and adjust on the fly. They don’t get defensive, as learning and self-improvement are above their ego. These two traits translate into success and satisfaction on the job.”

Michael Mirandi
VP of Sales | TheGuarantors

7.  “Educational and solution-based selling traits are more critical than ever. Today’s salesperson needs to effectively tell the story of your product and guide the prospect through a journey of value. Active listening, problem solving, and collaborative thinking are great qualities to look for in sales.”

Eric Griego
Enterprise Partner Manager | Experiture Customer Engagement

8.  “Look for individuals who have a growth mindset vs. a fixed mindset. Sales is an ever-changing and evolving craft.  Individuals who know how to effectively pivot and have the foresight to adapt to challenges and objections they see in the marketplace.”

Derry Backenkeller
Sales Director | Catapult New Business

9.  “Be transparent about earning potential.  If you oversell what the typical rep earns, more people will accept your offer, but it’ll lead to disappointment on the job.  You should also be transparent about your organization and the challenges reps face.”

Colleen Kaminski
Senior Regional Sales Manager | ARC Document Solutions

10.  “Require your candidates to perform a pitch. Provide them with some information—just enough to be dangerous—and have them pitch to you as though you are a client. You’ll witness firsthand their level of preparation, and how they’ve sold in the past.”

Andrew Seidl
SVP of Sales and Customer Success | ShedWool 

We hope you’ve found these tips helpful.  If you’d like more insight, or if you’d like guidance on filling your open sales roles please let us know.  Vested is also offering a free, no risk trial of our candidate sourcing services.  Please contact us for more information.

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