Why Mastering the Global Economy Will Make You Stand Out as a Candidate


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As you set out to find your place in the world, you have to figure out what industry or field best suits your skill set. Then, you want to partner that skill set with a gainful employment opportunity. If you are interested in entering the business world, you can take the local, national, or global route. If you believe a career with a large corporation — especially one with offices across the world —  is your calling, then mastering the art of the global economy is critical to making you stand out as a candidate.

What is the Global Economy?

There are several types of economies. The local economy lies within the borders of a city, an unincorporated area, or town. A state economy lies within the borders of its geographic area, and a national economy lies within the borders of a nation. A global economy has no borders. It occurs when two or more nations engage in trade with each other. The crossing of borders to develop mutually beneficial agreements forms the global economy. Globalization has led to this phenomenon as corporations have petitioned their governments to allow them to expand into new customer bases and markets.

Some Skills Are Universal

The barriers to the global economy and globalization are not due to borders, but are created by a difference in languages spoken, business customs, and currency. Some skills can work around these barriers, which makes them universal. Because of how our global economy works, tips on investing can be translated to almost any marketplace. Likewise accounting, money management, and critical thinking skills are universal in a global economy and many international businesses. With the growth and adoption of data analytics, information analysis is also a worthwhile skill.

How to Learn

There are a few ways to learn about and become part of the global economy. In fact, learning about the global economy and how to use it is one of the main reasons people intern abroad. Experiencing it firsthand will provide an undeniable advantage on your resume.

To become a part of the global economy, you must first understand it as a concept, then acquire and apply the requisite universal skills. Once you have that down, you will become a much more enticing candidate to prospective employers.

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