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Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a recent graduate, we at Vested are committed to helping you find the ideal temp job. If you’re an employer looking to improve your hiring strategy, we are a premiere temp staffing agency with the right team and technology to help build your team.

Based in the heart of Manhattan, we have the commitment and passion to connect the best talent with businesses that need them.


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Why use a temp agency for your hiring needs?

According to a Forbes article, today’s workers are job hopping more than ever. Back in the old days, people were expected to go to college and graduate into a life-long job at a big corporation like IBM or Kodak. Then they were expected to stay there for 50 years and live off a pension after retirement.

How things have changed in the recruiting industry?

Times have changed.

Pensions or defined benefit plans are no longer the norm for today’s workers. Even Social Security is severely underfunded. The onus on retirement and building a career is on the worker.

This has hastened a new type of worker in the United States – the job hopping millennial. Even older workers in the twilight of their careers are finding it harder to rely on big corporations to provide steady income.

It’s more important than ever to stay mobile, to develop new skills, and to explore opportunities in other industries.

At Vested, we work with all kinds of workers at different stages of their career. Whether you’re a new graduate looking to explore a career path or a 40 year old career changer, we can help you explore different industries though temporary job placements.

Temping has emerged as a popular new career option. It allows you to gain experience in new trades and choose the trade that suits your interest.

Temp jobs are easy to find and in return they provide you with the privilege of flexible work schedules. You can easily adjust temp jobs with your personal commitments and family priorities.   

How can a temp agency help me find a job?

Temp agencies are quite similar to placement agencies that help workers find jobs with other companies. The only difference being the jobs are temporary. In traditional employment, you go through direct companies but if you are looking for an odd or temp job, you will go through a temp agency.

They recruit based upon employee’s skills and assign them various time-limited  positions with other companies.

Temp agencies are basically a third party between the client employee and client employer. Client firms require skilled workers and employees request the work to be done. Temp agencies in return get paid by the hiring firms.   

Temp agencies, also known as staffing agencies, usually deal with particular professions or trades such as healthcare, Information technology, accounting, electronics, or office administration. Usually companies enter into a contract with a temp agency to help them find skilled employees. Companies pay temp agencies and temp agencies then pay the temporary workers.

Temp agencies have become new trend setters of the industry with the rise of the internet and the gig economy. It has created a vacuum for especially skilled workers. Moreover, companies save lots of money by recruiting temporary workers.

What can I expect working in a temp job?

Employees who are ready to work on temporary basis are known as temp workers. Also known as contingent workers, these employees are hired on short-term or part-time basis. They work on fixed term contracts and lack long-term commitment.

Usually they are hired for fixed small durations or up to the length of the assignment. In this case, workers are also free to choose whether they want to work full-time or part-time depending upon their individual commitments.

Most of the time, temp workers do not receive any particular benefits (such as health insurance) because they are hired as a measure of cost-cutting. Usually, benefits are reserved for permanent employees.

Secondly, temp workers are first to be laid off during times of economic downturns. Companies may retain the temporary staff but it depends on their choice and availability of work. They are usually hired for work that is cyclical in nature or requires frequent adjustments to staffing levels.

There is an extremely important point which one should keep in mind: temp workers are not a substitute to permanent workers but they are semi-permanent workers, positioned precariously to deal with the fluctuations of a company’s product and economic conditions.  

Why do businesses hire temp workers?

The role of temps in the industry has broadened over the years. Earlier, temp workers used to be the part of lower paying positions such as administrative assistants or general laborers. These groups still mainly consist of temp workers.

However, these days temp workers are widely accepted in many other positions as well. Employer firms have opened temp jobs in other fields such as accounting, marketing, and other high level duties.

Initially the ranks of temp workers swelled during the last recession and uncertain economic conditions. However, it inherited the flexibility in the forefront of staffing solutions. If you are still wondering if temp workers form an ideal solution for you, we have the answer.

What happens when an employee goes on a sudden leave or gets sick for a week or two? What about maternity leave? What about if a customer suddenly shortens the due date of a project you are working on and you do not have enough staff on hand? Temps are an ultimate solution to all these problems. If a staffer goes on a sudden leave or vacation, handy temps are available on short notice. The demand for temps automatically rises as the holidays approach.

Temps are simply a boost to the human resource of your company. Assimilating new workers in your company increase your productivity as well. It can help your company in a number of ways.

  • Flexibility in an uncertain economy: Small company owners are subject to shifting demand. Hiring and firing permanent staff each time can be very detrimental to morale and time consuming. Hiring temp workers can save you from all the chaos during this time period. It gives you the flexibility of changing your staff levels per your business requirement. It reduces the overall staffing cost to your company as well. The presence of temp workers in the company will keep your regular staff fully productive but not overworked. Temp workers can be a sudden fix or boost for special projects.
  • Access to new skills: Temp jobs are now becoming more prominent in high-paying skilled jobs. The presence of temp workers are now adding incremental skills to companies via project specialists. This added skill in turn improves efficiency and streamlines production. If your company needs skills beyond the area of your team’s current expertise, the talent of your new temp worker can keep you running. More creative and talented skilled employees can take your company to new heights. For example, extremely talented and experienced trainees are always looking for short-term temp jobs that can help your company in many ways.
  • Monetary savings: The exact logistics of temp workers are much different than permanent employees. Temp workers usually work on hourly basis rather than on a salary. Also, they work without any incentives and other company perks (such as health insurance or soft benefits). In this way these temp hires are far more cost effective as compared to permanent hires. Although, temp hires can prove more expensive if there’s no end to these contacts. Temp agencies also make a margin for supplying you with a temp worker. Make sure you analyze overall costs before making your decision to hire.
  • It can fill a long-term need as well: Recruiting the right employee for your company can be really tricky and tiring. A bad hire can be costly and can affect your company in many adverse ways. Hiring a temp workers give you the opportunity to evaluate the employee for a longer period of time without making any permanent commitment. In case of any urgent vacancy, you can simply permanently hire your temp worker if he is capable enough. On the whole, it helps you in finding a right fit for your company without making any wrong choice or wasting any resources.    
  • Boost your morale: Shortage of permanent staff will lead your staff working in double shifts, overnight, or working weekends. These extra roles and responsibilities make you shorthanded and ultimately lead to decreased morale of the employees. Due to excessive work, your employees can become more stressed and exhausted which will directly influence their working capabilities and productivity. The addition of short-term temp workers will boost the morale of your staff and will change the overall mood of your workplace. Moreover, in the case of temp workers, temp agencies are responsible for hiring them, therefore all the burden of dealing with them is theirs.
  • Meet your project deadlines: Hiring temp workers is the best way to deal with your project deadlines. It enables you to deal with extra ordinary business demands even if your bottom line is altered. Temps speed up your company procedures and production.
  • Updated training: There is another interesting fact about temp agencies. Staffing agencies that hire temp workers keep them updated with the latest trainings and technologies. That is how they aid in improving the production of your company.

All you need to know is how to gain the maximum benefit out of your temp workers. Just spend some time on basic onboarding that will help you in long term.

Here are a few steps that will aid you in making the most of your temp hires:

  • Make sure you assign someone, a permanent employee who will keep account of the temp’s work and experience in your firm. This will ease the temp’s role in your firm. Let your assigned employee take over and show the temp around, familiarize them with your equipment, and working procedure. This permanent employee will act as the go-between you and the temp.
  • Make sure to make temp’s experience at your company as comfortable as possible. It will directly influence their working capacity and productivity. It is also very important to appreciate their work.
  • Instruct your permanent staff to greet temps in a friendly manner. Although temps are a part of your institution for short period of time, try to make each second of their stay worthwhile.   

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How to choose the right temp agency for you?

As previously discussed, hiring staff for your organization is a tricky and tiring process. The right staff can take your business to new heights and vice versa. Setting up the right employee in your existing set up can be tricky. Knowing about their academic qualifications and practical experiences helps a lot in deciding the right employee. Well you need not to worry, temp agencies are just a call away. Whether you find a full time employee or a part time one, consider approaching recruitment agencies. It can reduce your cost and ensure that you will get the right person for your organization.  

Temp agencies are equally important for employers and job seekers. The right temp agency will give you access to skilled and professional employees. Here are a few tips that will help you in choosing the right temp agency for you.

  • Know what you want and when you want it: It is very important to be very clear and particular about what you need. Once you determine your exact need, the staffing agency will match it with their keywords and offer the best match with it.
  • Elaborate the type of candidate you need: Try to be sure about the kind of employee you need and for what position. Staffing agencies with larger networks will help you find a more specific and skilled employee as they tend to have more niche employees. Consider the benefits and specializations of the temp agency and make sure it has a good reputation within the industry.
  • Specify how early you want to recruit your staff: If you are in hurry, large recruitment agencies can handle your demand in a better way.
  • Answer every question and ask more: Asking more questions and answering every question you are asked is very important if you want the best available fit. Do not be afraid to ask questions and evaluate the answers.
  • Ask for references: Request references from previous customers of the temp agency to evaluate the quality of their service.
  • Confirm how they qualify their candidates: Make sure the temp agency you hire take skill tests of their employees and provide skill training to them. Software instruction or general background checks are usually provided by temp agencies. Check if the agency is transparent about their methods. Top temp agencies make their employees business ready so they can easily merge into your working environment and adjust to your business practices.
  • Benefits and pricing: This is the most important feature you need to look for. A few temp agencies offer more competitive benefits and compensation compared to others. You may also get discount if you hire more than one skilled labor or employee.    

Why Vested is the right temp agency for you?

Headquartered in in New York City, we operate as a temp agency across the entire United States. Temporary jobs are a great option if you are looking to move to a new city, allowing you to test out a company or an industry.

We have helped thousands of workers relocate and establish themselves in New York. We have deep connections with startups, small business owners, and major corporations listed on the public stock exchanges.

We have dedicated professionals who can guide you through the interview process from the interview to the job offer.

If you’re a business owner, C-level executive or hiring manager, we can help you find the right candidate. We get hundreds of resumes a day, and with our proprietary matching algorithms, we select only the best candidates for your job openings.