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Business development is a kind of interesting career option for a newbie. It is a combination of sales, strategic analysis and marketing. Business development people are involved in anything that is related to the development of the business. It includes development of Company employees, products and services followed by creating sales leads, marketing strategies, negotiating and closing deals.

One can be a freelancer in this field and can literally reach to heights by taking innovative decisions in the field. Their first task is to find new business opportunities whether it is about finding new market for the product, partnership with existing business or search for new products or services.

Business development field is the sister concern of marketing and sales area and most of the times marketing and sales team of the Company deals with this sector too. There are no jobs openings that are titled as “business development” or so in marketing companies. Other than that all the major industries including tech startups to big pharmaceutical companies have business development officers. The quantity of their work depends upon the size of the industry.

Now the question is how to get to that position?

If you want to be business development professional, a Masters’ degree in marketing, economics or any other relatively close field will help. Most importantly, one must be focused and concentrated on his work to stay at this position. A better communicator succeeds well in this trade.

Common work arrangements for Business Development temp jobs:

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Direct to hire

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