Direct to hire

Direct hire is an ideal way to get hired by a Company. This staffing arrangement works best for the long term recruitments. Direct to hire positions are full-time and include all the benefits of a full-time position.

Direct to hire refers to a situation where client Company utilizes the temp agency to find the suitable talent. When temp agency finds a candidate for them, the Company directly hires them for the permanent positions. The employee that fills the position becomes the employee of hiring Company directly and not the temp agency. He directly goes to company pay roll.

Direct to hire system holds good for the employees who do not want to take any kind of risk due to working contracts. The directly hired employees are eligible for each and every company benefit such as health, retirement and the security of a long-term, permanent position.

Direct to hire process is proceed by client Companies and this process is usually slower than temp to hire due to many reasons.

First of all, this is a long term decision and that is why clients take ample of time to make their decision.

Secondly, it involves lots of action and investment. No one wants to put their money at risk and that is why they take time to make their decision.

Although direct to hire is slower, it offers organizations additional benefits when compared to other hiring options.

  • Better candidates: When a Company creates a vacancy for permanent position, it offers a pool of more talented and eligible candidates. Both active and passive job seekers are ready to take risk on their existing jobs for permanent jobs only.
  • Stronger commitment: The directly hired employees have better sense of stability in their respective Companies. They feel a sense of loyalty and stronger commitment for them.
  • Parade the perks: When working as a direct employee, the employees get all the benefits and perks of working with the organization.
  • Saves you from the trouble: Direct to hire system save both employer and employee from the trouble of finding a job again and again.

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