Executive Jobs

Although most companies hire C-Level executives on a permanent basis, some smaller companies or companies in transition require temporary help in the orgranization and leadership of the organization. In these situations, they come to Vested to guide them through a time of transition or financial hardship.

Executives get the opportunity to work closely with senior managerial or directorial staff of the Company to provide support to office and administration. The usual job titles for executive posts are Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Marketing Officer.

The fact may surprise you but executive industry is totally female oriented. Most of the executive assistants working in the industry are females (more than 80%).

This industry is not built for young blood. Most of the people entering this industry belong to 25-34 years of age group. A very small percentage of young people get to enter this industry. A good number of people enjoy the status of executive during the age 55-59.

The average working hours of the executives is quite comparable to other employees of the Company. It is around 36.5 hours per week which is good on their part.

Executives are assigned a good number of responsibilities:

  • Reading and responding to all the mails and correspondence is the primary responsibility of the executives.
  • Diaries and calendar meetings are also managed by them.
  • Executives also need to prepare and organize travel and itineraries.
  • Budgets are maintained by them and they update records as well.
  • They need to fulfill all the administrative duties and prepare presentations.

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