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With the job market tightening, business owners find it harder and harder to attract and recruit full time talent. They have turned to temp agencies to find workers, willing to work on a temporary or part-time basis.

Such works are assignment based covers a fixed term, increased work load, illness or maternity/paternity leave. Such agreements work on a contract which includes an agree daily or hourly rate, covering all the time you will work and leaves you will be entitled depending upon your working hours. Generally, these contracts determine your working hours but most of the times this is not the only case.

The temp agency play an important role in the declaration of such contracts. It is a middle man that takes care of both employee and employer while designing a contract. Meanwhile, temp agencies also take care of rules and regulations declared by government before finalizing these contracts.

Temporary job agreements are popular because they help employer to manage any kind of fluctuation on the time of personal needs. Seasonal fluctuations are observed by almost every sector at some instant of time. Due to these fluctuations, the continuity of work is affected and an environment of uncertainty is created. Automatically, this uncertainty passes to employees from employers.   

Staffing Solutions Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of the contractual agreement between employer and temporary employee (temp) are stated by the Temporary Employment Contract. A temporary employment contract consists of following terms and covenant:

  • Terms: This term includes the commence (start) and continue date of the temporary employment contract. Ideally, temporary agreements last for a fixed period of time or until the completion of the particular assignment, a temp is working on.
  • Termination: Temp agency makes this point clear very initially only. Both temp and Company agree to this term that as the Company has the right to terminate the temporary job agreement, temp also holds same rights. Either party can terminate the contract by giving a written notice to other one.
  • Duties: The Company is bound to employ the Temp with a particular position title or Position. The temp accepts the employment on few terms and conditions set forth in the temporary employment contract. With this contract, the temp agrees to devote his undivided attention and efforts to the Company (except a reasonable illness). There is an Exhibit attach A hereto and all the duties of Temp are defined in it.
  • Hours of work: The working hours of the tempo are clearly defined in the temporary work agreement. It includes how many days a temp work in a week, for how many hours and what he would be paid for these particular hours of work.
  • Compensation: In exchange of his considerable duties, the temp is entitled to a particular compensation described in Exhibit B attached hereto.
  • Return of property: It is mentioned in the temporary employment contract that the temp will return all the products, samples, models or documents and belongings of the company within 7 days of the termination or expiration of the temporary job contract.
  • Company procedures: According to the contract, the temp agrees to follow the Company’s disciplinary code and all the rules, regulations, policies and procedures introduced from time to time. One can request the copies of such documents.
  • No modification unless in writing: The Company or Temp alone cannot make any modification in the contract on their own. Moreover, all the amendment should be done in written only.
  • Applicable law: This Temporary Employment Contract and its interpretation is ruled with the laws of State and subject to exclusive local Jurisdiction.  

4 Common Temp Staffing Arrangements

  • Temp to hire
  • Direct to hire
  • Internships
  • Consulting


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