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In simple words, internship is a job opportunity provided by the employer to potential employees, known as interns, for a fixed period of time. These interns are usually students or undergraduates or the old persons who want to change their career streams. The internships last from one week to 12 months depending upon the industry they are working in. Internships are both part-time and full-time.

These are part-time if offered during the semesters and full-time if offered during summer or winter breaks. Interns are paid a compensation amount against the internship program.

Internship is different from placement because it happens during the college time and placements happen after college.

Internships are basically a practical working experience of the industry related to their studies for the students. It is like a gateway to the practical life. It allows them to experience how their studies are applied to the practical world. Moreover, it strengthens their resume and makes it more attractive.

Salaries on Internship: Internships brings you the most economical employees ever. They can be paid, unpaid or partially paid depending upon the sector they are working in.

  • Paid internships: Interns from medical, engineering, legal, accounts and finance sectors are paid a good amount against their services. Internships in media sectors or with non-profit organizations are often unpaid.
  • Unpaid internships: ┬áThe most sought-after professions such as TV and politics use interns as unpaid labor. They demand graduates as interns and keep them equipped on the name of a bright future. Most of the times, the interns remain unpaid and no one complaint on the name of reputation.

Here are the different types of job arrangements for internships:

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