An internship is a real time work experience that can be obtained a t work location only. Usually, this staffing solution is designed for college students or teens to gain practical experience related to their jobs. A few adults who want to change their career fields opt for internship after completing their degrees. Internship is a work experience that can be listed on the resumes and help you while searching for a job post-college.

Students or teens that opt for internships are called interns. Interns need to do internship because of following reasons:

  • Obtain work experience in their respective field.
  • It can be a source of earning odd money.
  • To gain knowledge about different jobs, fields, careers, employers and workplaces.
  • Fulfill the practical requirements of their degree.
  • Learning about work in general.

Internship is a good example of give and take service. The employer provides internship to learn how to be an employee, practical work and to gain work experience and in turn employer gets benefit from the services. On the whole, both employer and employee can take equal benefits from the internship programs.

Let us have a look.

Benefits for the Company for starting an internship program

  • Finding future employees: It helps companies in finding their future employees without putting much effort and investment is recruitment. Also, college campus is a viral society. If a company succeeds in impressing one intern, it will surely get more interns from there.
  • Increased productivity: The internship programs allow increased manpower. This short employment set up can increase your productivity many times.
  • Low-cost labor: Interns are an inexpensive human resource. They are paid a significantly less amount as compared to regular staff. Companies do not need to pay an obligated amount to the interns and thus it helps in saving them lots of monetary resources.
  • Enhance perspective: Interns are an extra set of hands that prove advantageous to the Company. New people enter the organization with new skills, new ideas and specialized strengths.
  • Student support: Internship entertains students with numerous perks. Students gain experience, new skills, make new connections, strengthen their resumes, have access to practical working fields and assess their capabilities.

It is like giving back to the society.

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