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What are temporary job arrangements?

Temp services or the entire temp industry is based on the employers who look for temporary contract based employees for stand in jobs. The employees, as we already discussed, are known as temps. Usually, temp workers change in their work and job in a fixed length of time which varies between three and six months. These employees are trained and assessed by temp companies to identify appropriate placements. In some cases, temp positions may lead to permanent placements but mostly the job ends with the contract.

Whether you are a transitional job seeker, an experienced worker, a retiree, freelancer or a professional, there has been a variety of temp vacancies and you can easily choose one of your choices.

Due to recent changes in the global economy, temp jobs have become more popular. Temp workers commonly find work in call centers, day labors or office associates but with time many other industries are ready to welcome temps. Different fields including administrative, medical, marketing, engineering, hospitality and human resources are appointing temps and giving them a wide choice in making their careers.

It is their hard-earned skills and personal talent that help aspirants to get work in different industries. Their strong resumes become their strength which helps temp in placement. Temp jobs do not ask for any specific educational qualifications however a high school diploma or something equivalent holds sufficient.

Pay benefits for temp workers

Pay for temp workers largely depend on their occupation. Usually, their salary ranges from 07$ – 21$ per hour. The overall earnings are influenced by your choice of industry and the length of tenure in a row. Most of the times, temp employees are eligible of obtaining benefits like retirement plans and medical insurance coverage.

Apart from that temp job industry allows them to try out the career of their choice, related to their personal skills with flexible working hours.

As the name suggests, temporary positions are not long-lasting. They usually last for a period of less than a year. These positions are generated to meet the seasonal or peak workloads or you can say specific short term requirements.

In case of surge requirements, temp contracts can be increased for the duration of more than one year but temp positions cannot extend for more than 24 months in any case. When applying for job vacancies, temp staff is considered as an external candidate.

Job description of temp employees

Temporary employees: Staffing or temp agencies that specialize in recruiting temporary or seasonal works in for seasonal or odd jobs for a fixed length of time, helps to get skilled employees for the industry. Though the temp staff is technically hired, the staff works offline most of the time. Temp agencies provide staff to most of the industries for their assignments and this is the reason behind the popularity of temp agencies.

Before placing the staff, temp agencies make sure to evaluate the skills of the candidate and place them accordingly. The wages of temp workers vary depending on this kind of work they opted.

Recruiters: Finding and placing suitable temp staff in the industries is not an easy task. Staffing or Temp agencies have placed recruiters at their branch offices, which helps them in finding and recruiting temp staff. The responsibility of screening resumes, interviewing and administrative assessments and performing their backgrounds checks, each and everything is done and managed by recruiters.

Recruiters are the ones who closely work with clients and help them in finding the perfect temp for their industry. Recruiters start making 15-16 $ per hour which turns to be 50,000$ annually.

Why one should work as a temp?

Temp work industry is totally monetary oriented work industry. It is often tagged as “try before you buy”. Through this tagline temp workers have become the largely imagined and idealized workers, produced and marketed by temp agencies.

Despite the fact that temp workers are first who are fired during economic failures, there are so many benefits in choosing this particular career line. It is most beneficial for people who keep looking for odd jobs. Have a look:

  • Flexible schedules of temp jobs: Temporary jobs allow you to work only when you want to and where you want to. You can choose to work after your school hours, during your summer off or whenever you want to take a break with your routine life. When you are a temp, it is your choice about when to work.
  • Temp agencies can quickly find you a job: Temp agencies are always looking for skilled employees as they are constantly working with different organizations that keep searching for temp workers. This way you are more likely to find a job that too quickly and easily when you are working with a temp agency.
  • Money comes easily: Temp jobs can be the best way to earn a little extra money when you have extra time or it can help you meet ends as well. It can come as a surprise to you but an average American temp worker earn more than 17$ per hour and some skilled workers earn up to 100$ per hour.
  • Special benefits: In addition to their wages, temp agencies provide extra benefits to their employees such as fully holiday packages, medical, dental coverage and life insurance. Temp workers are advised to inquire for whole package before tying up or interviewing with a temp agency.
  • Helps in testing out a company: It happens at times when you are interested in a company but you want to check out more about it before joining it permanently. A temp position helps you to know more about the company culture make up your mind.
  • Helps in learning new skills: Temporary jobs are a great way to boost your resume. It helps in adding skills and experience to your resume. It has been observed that more than 90% of staffing companies provide training even to their temp workers and 70% workers accept that new have gained new skills during their temp assignments. These new skills can actually accelerate your career graph.
  • It helps you in finding permanent jobs: Temp jobs can lead you to permanent positions. According to a survey, 40% of the temp employees lead to permanent employment through these temp jobs. Temping can be a great way to step through the door of a company and test its working and culture if you want to work permanently with it.

Being a temp worker can be great at times but it does not provide you any guaranty of getting a job or so. The process of searching for a job is tiring, time-consuming and at times harassing as well. It wears down your self-respect. That is where staffing agencies take charge. Temp agencies make sure that you do not have to do all this searching alone.

Temp agencies work on the behalf of Companies to find temp workers for them. The agency performs the task of finding a suitable job for you. Eventually, the temp agency ends up finding a temp job for you almost immediately. These few points will tell you how staffing agencies are golden tickets for employees:

  • You can search job while working: If your temp job is not what you call for your life, you can simply continue searching job of your choice along with working. It will fulfill your monetary needs and you would not have to worry for your daily expenditure. You can opt for temp job with lower time commitments and can use your rest of the time in job hunting.
  • The temp job may lead to employment: Not all the temp staff remains same throughout. Hiring temp staff is a smart way of Companies of vetting them before they could make them permanent. Your skills and talent can help you in turning your temp job into a full-time gig. Some of the Companies hire temp agencies to find them temp staff that can be converted into full-time if required. If a temp feels like working with a Company for long time, he should clear his part to the management early on. All you need to do is show them that you are an awesome asset to them. Prove your worth with your skills and talent.
  • Temp job is a skill building opportunity: The valuable opportunity, temp job is a quick resume boosting enzyme. The skill you learn during your temp job will definitely help you in leveraging your next, permanent job. Whether it is about learning new software or reading the market trends, everything will become your asset and will help you later. Make sure to find a temp job that helps you in building your choice of skills. A little research before contacting a temp agency will definitely help.
  • The turnaround time of temp agency is faster than regular jobs: Hiring a permanent staff includes lots of investment and perfection and that is why it is time-consuming. When it comes to hire a temp staff, the companies are usually in a hurry. That is why temp agencies have lots of temp jobs in hands and you quickly got selections. While in normal interviews it may take weeks to hear back, temp position are filled quickly and efficiently.
  • It helps in making contacts: Though the job is temporary, the contacts you make are permanent in every manner. Even when you work in a company for shorter period of time it helps you in making contacts. Try to reach out to maximum people at your work place and make networking a mission. This way, you will get insider knowledge if there are any open positions in the company and you can try to reach out for it. A strong network can lead you to success in a shorter time.
  • It helps you to explore the timings of the workplace flexibly: Perhaps you cannot call it as a reason to find a temp job but it actually helps you after joining. Working as a temp gives you the opportunity to explore and understand the working conditions of different industries. This experience helps you when you apply for a permanent job.

Now when you know all the benefits of getting placed as a temp, it is very important to put your resume in a way that it cannot be ignored. Your chances of getting a desired temp job increases with a resume that stands out. These two tips will help you in getting best results.

It is advised to mention your excellent performance and the benefits of hiring you instead of listing your job skills. Use your accomplishments to describe the way you deal with challenges. Always remember that most of the companies prefer employees who help in enhancing their profits and saves their time and money.

Showcase your temp experience especially in the terms of your skills, adaptability, flexibility and your ability to learn rapidly. It helps temp agencies to analyze your qualifications at a glance.

Temporary Job Opportunities by Function

We help businesses staff these following roles:

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Legal
  • Office & Administrative
  • Executive
  • Internship
  • Non-Profit
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing


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