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One of our most sought after temp job, law is a totally service based business and it is known to generate the highest revenue as compared to other businesses (around 50% more). In today’s time legal services specializes in business, finance, taxation, litigation, conflicts, patents, corporate and many more. The forecasted growth of the industry is estimated around 8-9% per annum.

According to recent studies legal market is dynamically and speedily changing due to the way globalization and technology have combined. Legal market covers a few red-hot practices that make it one of the most leading work industries.

A significant change has been predicted in the legal service area. Now-a-days, there is involvement of media and technology which was absent earlier and this thing will create a huge pressure on lawyers.

There is a common saying “as long there have been people, people have needed lawyers”. The traditionally thrived industry offers plenty of jobs and work profiles. This sector requires a team of skilled professionals that can provide quality and cost-effective service.

The legal sector offers a wide variety of jobs.

  • Core legal careers: It includes lawyers, paralegal, legal secretary and legal assistant.
  • Careers in legal and administrative support: Court messengers, legal recruiters, conflict analysts and compliance specialists are included in this section.
  • IT careers in litigation support: This section includes litigation support professionals, E-discovery professionals and document coders.
  • Careers in the courtroom: Judge, magistrate, law clerk and mediator all are covered under this section.
  • Careers in court reporting: Court reporters, Broadcast captioner and cart providers form this group.
  • Legal consulting: This section covers jury consultants, computer forensic professionals, forensic scientists, legal videographers and accident reconstructionists.

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