Office & Administrative Jobs

The primary task of office managers is to control all the functions and resources of the office including administrative systems and office personnel. Most of the time it is a permanent position because they need to schedule meetings, appointments  and many more daily tasks.

Usually people get confused when talking about the job profile of administrative officers. The reason behind this confusion is the wide array of responsibilities an administrative has to take care off. Let us have a look at the responsibilities of the office administrator.

  • The major goal of the administrator is to take care of the office services and setting priorities.
  • The planning and review of the office services and contributing to it is all done by the administrator.
  • Next is the allocation of space, equipments and human resources.
  • Monitoring the working of staff and assigning them work is also administrator’s task.
  • The accounts and records of the office are also maintained by him.
  • It is the job of office administrators to facilitate the resolution of the problems. Liaising with professionals and coordinating office business is also their task.
  • It is their duty to maintain and manage all the physical facilities like maintenance of building and equipments.
  • Personal activities like hiring, promotions, payroll, training, supervision and performance management are also coordinated by administrators.
  • Administrators ensure the compliance with safety regulations and occupational health.
  • It is the job of administrators to deal with relevant governments, legislation, policies and procedures.

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