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Better Targeting

Better Targeting

Finding the right candidates is time-intensive even when engaging an agency. Provide us exact criteria and we present you candidates that closely match these requirements. You save countless hours disqualifying dozens of candidates in every search.

Reduced Time-to-Hire

Faster Turnaround

Our technology overlay helps our team of recruiters identify and engage passive talent much quicker than the alternatives. We typically present qualified and interested candidates within 72 hours of starting your search.

Higher Conversion Rates

Make Your Next Great Hire

We provide unmatched depth and breadth for recruiting outreach. Vested ensures that every candidate that you want to hire is aware of your company and open roles, guaranteeing your next hire is great.


Job BoardsAgency

Passive CandidatesPassive Candidates

Candidate QualityCandidate Quality

Prequalified CandidatesPrequalified Candidates

Powerful TechnologyPowerful Technology

Industry Low PricingIndustry Low Pricing

Intelligent TargetingIntelligent Targeting

Company BrandingCompany Branding

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