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Growth businesses face unique challenges. We provide unique solutions.

Time, Capacity + Specialization

Only a fraction of companies have the recruiting team needed to support growth targets. Our recruiters specialize in growth and tailor the right approach to get results.

Unpredictable Needs

Hiring is cyclical which makes forecasting and resource allocation difficult. Our flexible partnerships scale with your needs to keep you staffed appropriately.

Candidate Interest and Talent Branding

Standing out in a competitive market is key. Our tools are designed to increase the awareness and engagement in your employer brand.


What We Do

scope project

Scope Your Project

Vested is collaborative; we understand your company, processes, hiring needs and goals before architecting a strategy for success

Assign Your Team

Assign Your Team

We offer various levels of human-capital support and our recruiters come with 7+ years of industry expertise

talent brand

Build Upon Your Talent Brand

Copywriting and landing pages spark candidate interest while integrations with Gmail, Outlook and others provide a seamless candidate experience

Ideal Talent

Identify Your Ideal Talent

Our tech aggregates data from across the web to identify unique candidates that are perfect for your role


Marketing and Outreach

Vested’s communication engine conducts and tracks candidate messaging to maximize interest in your opportunities


Schedule and Hire

Interested candidates are screened and scheduled for interview while we manage and optimize the process throughout

Hear From Us

Vested Overview
Active vs Passive Recruiting


Vested has been a great partner. Our recruiters were drowning in open roles and candidate quality was suffering. We weren’t able to hire another recruiter so Vested made our current team more productive by filling our candidate funnel with high quality people.

Anshuman Vohra

Anshuman Vohra


Vested has been so receptive to our needs. The team was persistent and relentless to calibrate the candidates we needed. We’re confident we have the best solution to find the right candidates. They've done an amazing job!

Elizabeth Balder

Elizabeth Balder

Sr. Corporate Recruiter, Syndigo

We've partnered with Vested on several leadership searches and I can say I've never had a better experience with a search partner. I cannot recommend them enough. We're looking forward to partnering with Vested for years to come!

Tak Nguyen

Tak Nguyen

Head of People, Sword Health

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