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Vested was built to reinvent the traditional recruiting model; creating the best possible experience for employers and candidates. We offer tech-enabled recruiting services to help companies reduce time to fill, improve candidate quality, and save time by augmenting the tedious task of candidate sourcing. We’ve built technology to increase productivity and accuracy when identifying, engaging, and sourcing passive talent.

Our Mission

Vested believes in “one team.” We are a diverse group that operates as an extension of our clients and we’re mutually Vested in their success. Our mission is to:



Revolutionize the intersection of hiring velocity, quality, and cost.



Radically improve the relationship between employers and recruiting partners



Ensure that candidates experience transparency and empowerment throughout the job search

our founding
Our Founding

Vested is the collaboration of some of the brightest minds in sales, engineering, and finance. Our founding team consists of Andy Seidl, a former LinkedIn leader and industry veteran; Akash Srivastava, a Wall Street and startup executive; and Timothy Correia, a talented research engineer from Sun Microsystems, AMD, and D.E. Shaw.

Their vision was to transform legacy recruitment services through technology and automation. Vested’s blend of technology and service provides a better experience and higher-quality candidates at a fraction of the price of contingent staffing firms.

Learn more about our founder Andy Seidl here

Meet Our Team

akash srivastava vested

Akash Srivastava

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Andy Seidl

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Monqiue Srivastava

Timothy Correia vested

Timothy Correia

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José Ernesto Dávila Pantoja

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Stephanie Diaz

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Ankit Gupta

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Melissa Nolan

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Kristina Pantic

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Edie Greenberg

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Amber Varma

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Reginald Beltran

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Valentina López

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Alan Roman