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by vested

Few Facts

Fact 1: Finding Talent Is Becoming Harder

The reasons for this are clear:

 Lower baseline unemployment, 2) Increasingly specialized roles, 3) Selective candidates.

Fact 2: Recruiting Today Is Both Time-Consuming and Resource-Intensive

Agencies charge 25-35% to fill one role – placement fees and staffing costs total $150bn in the US today.
Recruiters’ job duties have shifted to sourcing and marketing from closing candidates.

Fact 3: There’s Too Much Noise In Recruiting

There are 200,000 agencies in the US and quality often suffers with Net Promoter Scores close to 11%!


The Solution

Here’s How We Do It:

We Start With A Team Of Recruiting Experts

A recruiting specialist is assigned to each customer based on roles, industry, and culture.
The Specialist will construct an ideal candidate persona and target a shortlist of candidates that would fit well with your company and the role.

You can view, accept, reject candidates right within a dedicated dashboard or even your ATS.

We Leverage Technology To Add Rocket-fuel To Our Efforts

Successfully filling opening is about marketing your role and company as successfully as possible.  When we start, we work with our clients to develop best-in-class messaging that includes why your company’s mission is important and why they would enjoy working there.

We also use best-in-class sourcing tools to find the ideal candidates and automated screening to ensure they are the best fit for your role.

And Provide A First-Class Client & Candidate Experience

We know that companies prefer internal recruiters to agencies and that’s why we serve alongside your team to provide the best hiring experience.

Our customers have access to a suite of tools that allow you to communicate with, schedule next steps and request information from your candidates.

Your candidates receive a dashboard letting them know about your company, the role and logistics of the hiring process to keep them excited by your openings.

We Do It With Unmatched Transparency

Access to the Vested Platform allows our customers to see real-time updates on your openings so you can plan your business initiatives accordingly.  We also provide statistics on how your roles are performing relative to benchmarks so we can adjust strategy in real time.

All This For $999/month?!?  Wait, What?

Our robust product and services cost less than any third-party agency or contract recruiter:

Our mission is simple: Low-cost recruiting for every business, period.

We’re working on it, brick-by-brick.  
Come join the recruiting evolution.
Reach out to us at [email protected] or visit us here.

Ready to turbocharge your recruiting efforts?

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