MOKA Analytics Customer Story


by vested

MOKA Analytics


Engagement Objectives With Vested


** Create a sustainable way to grow its team without relying on agencies or growing headcount


** Free up time from sourcing so the team could work on building product and closing deals


Recruiting Before The Vested Subscription


** MOKA Analytics had recently received a substantial influx of capital to support product expansion and had several senior roles to fill including a VP of Sales, VP of Client Success and a Sr. Software Engineer  


** Prior to engaging Vested, 100% of senior roles were managed through an agency that charged a 25% fee upon placement with 1/3rd up front.


** In addition, time-to-fill was high with the average being 105 days


** The team was also burdened with handling all the candidate marketing on LinkedIn, receiving very little leverage from its agencies


Why Vested?


“I wanted a sustainable way for hiring all kinds of roles we knew we’d have to fill while avoiding these massive agency fees. As an owner of the company, I’d much rather deploy capital against our product or sales efforts so I thought I’d give Vested a shot.”


Karoon Monfared

COO, MOKA Analytics


MOKA Analytics x Vested


The engagement began with empathy.  Vested spent time with the MOKA Analytics team, learning about their business and their growth objectives.

MOKA wanted to hire for several leadership roles to augment the existing team’s capabilities.  We knew that these high-caliber candidates are in demand so we implemented highly personalized messaging around MOKA Analytics and these roles through a career page and branded job descriptions.


Our next step was to target thousands of candidates that fit their criteria for the roles.  We designed multi-touch email sequences that included highly personalized messages to create conversations with this audience.

In just a few weeks, MOKA had a steady flow of responses from ideal candidates and entered into a structured hiring process.


MOKA’s leadership was able to focus on mission critical business activities all while saving money knowing that their recruiting efforts were being managed and optimized in the background.


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