Sourcing Candidates

Best practices for Recruiting at a University

Student recruitment is one of the most crucial aspects of candidate sourcing.

It’s the best way to tap into the next generation of talent and keep your company’s workforce up-to-date with technology and innovation.

The complex and fast-paced college students become potential sources because of their updates skills and full energetic mode.

Build, develop, manage and maintain campus relations

The successful university recruitment program can be planned over a long haul only. It needs to be built on long-term relationships because no one wants short-term results. Most of the university recruitment programs act as a base of their career centre. Career fairs, job posting services and on-campus recruiting helps you connect with students.

Try to strike a conversation with career centre staff because they can provide you an insight related to the campus. They can tell you about the culture, traditions, specifics of students and their attitude and behaviors. This insight will help you to tailor your strategy.

Career centre staff can further help you to make relations with the faculty and administrators of the college. However, no program can guarantee a career just after the college but the organizations that are into this recruitment never abandon the campus even if they are not hiring.

Set realistic recruitment goals

Before entering any university or college, you need to set up realistic recruitment goals. Your goals should be based upon the demand, supply and all the other related factors. Set your goals based on facts.

You need to calculate the size of the potential pool and gather a good knowledge about the candidates. Also, you need to know about your competitors and their offers. Researching on this upfront will help you to reach your goals easily.

Choose your target schools carefully

Most of the university recruitment program professionals admit that they finalize their targets based upon following factors.

  • List of the major universities available.
  • Quality of their programs.
  • Their experience of recruiting at the particular university.
  • Location of the school.

The planning of all these things requires research and careful tracking. This way you will know that which university suits your organization the best.

Never take a shortcut while deciding on the best university or school. It is necessary for the university to match the technical and cultural standards of your organization.

Send the right people to campus

Have you got the right people to deal with the university students. Would the students like to deal with someone who roams around with a bored face? Will they like to interact with a person who answers everything with the suggestion of checking the website? Will you feel comfortable if the recruiter ask you about a date? All these things will ruin the impression of your organization. Unfortunately, many company representatives have behaved like this with the students.

Choose the best person from your organization to suit this process. Choosing the right person is critical because the representative will represent your company and the potential employees will make a negative image about your brand. Send well-trained staff to represent your organization and sell your brand.

Communicate with students about the process

Students have all the right to know about the steps included into the process of selection and hiring. Keep them appraised what you are planning to do and what they can expect from you. If you have met some students at a career fair, keep follow up with them. Keep in contact with the interns when they return to their universities after finishing work with your organization. It will help you in the future recruitment as you will have a pool of potential candidates to look into.

Measure and analyze your results to adjust accordingly

Keep a track of hires you make but along with this also keep track of the offers you make, acceptance and retention rates. Track your recruiting efforts ROI.

It will help you to identify you strong and lacking points. You will know where exactly you are in trouble and how you can adjust it.

Feed your full-time hiring with internship programs

It is the one of the most effective recruiting techniques of building a relation with the potential hires in the early age of their careers. Internship programs help you achieve better retention and gauge their fit on the organization. Researches prove that the once interns often turn into full-time employees.