When to hire a recruiting agency?

Putting workers in a chair is not an easy task. You can count upon recruiting agencies to save your company’s time and efforts.

They can help you to shortlist candidates for your job openings.

Why you should hire a recruiting agency?

One can yield many benefits by hiring a recruiting agency specially when:

  • You have short term hiring needs: Recruiting companies are quiet quicker when it comes to hiring employees. They have a widespread network of candidates. Staffing firms usually have good relationship with these candidates. They hire these candidates on role and assign them to clients who are looking for short-term employees.
  • You want to enhance your pipeline with qualified employees: Recruiting agencies fills your pipeline with good leads. It allows managers to make decisions easily.
  • You want an employee for a specialized role: Internal recruiters usually have less experience when it comes to hiring for a specialized or executive role. This kind of recruitment needs special skills and learning. Recruiting agencies have this kind of knowledge along with special sourcing methods. Their niche job boards also play an important role. To get your account prioritized you could pay them an upfront fee.

Basically, when you are hiring at initial phase, recruiting agencies take over the process and work on it efficiently. The initial steps of hiring include resume screening; phone screening and first interviews are taken care of by the hiring company.

Recruiting agencies are more like a substitute to internal recruiters of the company. Usually, small companies do not have any recruiting departments, and they outsource their hiring process through recruitment companies.

This way they save a part of money and spend that money on channelizing other departments. On the other hand, there are companies which do not hold regular recruitments. Such companies hire recruitment agencies and downsize their size of team to reduce employment cost.

Although, this approach seems extremely practical and reliable yet it has lots of drawbacks.

What happens when recruitment agencies replace the internal recruiters of the company?

Recruiting agencies can be a great support for any company, but they cannot hold the fort all alone. They will face a few limitations. Take a look:

  • They are not acquainted with the internal culture of the company.
  • It’s not necessary for the managers of recruiting agency to be available at the right moment.
  • Parameters for open roles keep changing and recruiting agencies are usually slow to adapt to it.
  • They do not have exact idea of what exact skills clients are looking for.

It is due to all these reasons, recruiting agencies alone fail to perform effectively on the part of the company.

Maintain the balance

To combine the positive and negative effects of the agencies, it is most important to strike off a balance between an agency and a recruiting firm. Combining an agency with efficient internal talent hunting team can do wonders. Both of them complement each other perfectly.

In house teams have several benefits:

A good knowledge of company culture: In house recruiting team has a good knowledge of internal culture and first-hand experience of the work place. It helps them to sell better candidates. They recommend hires that fit best to the company. Also, they know which hire can fill the skill gap most effectively.

Relationship with hiring managers: In-house recruiters maintain a healthy relationship with hiring managers and keep explaining them about the criteria and stages of hiring.

They learn from their mistakes: A bad hire or a good hire, they keep learning from their experiences and thus acquire expertise. They exactly know what their company needs.

Internal recruiters do care about candidate experience, and they carry a responsibility of building a reputation of their company

It is quite simple to understand. A start up of five people definitely does not need any internal recruiter immediately but as it grows, enter new market, launches new products and face a different kind of competition, it would become a necessity for them to invest in human resources.

Initially, recruiting agencies can shoulder your hiring burden but soon the company would have to augment with the internal recruiters. The companies who invest in a better talent acquisition team/platform in times is always better equipped to face future challenges.

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How to source passive candidates?

Sourcing a passive candidate is not an easy task, which is why our clients rely on our on demand recruiting model to find the right talent.

What’s more difficult is to screen them and engage in a conversation.

How to find passive candidates?

Meet them online

  • Use Twitter and Facebook: The number of users of Twitter and Facebook counts in billions. You can use advanced hash tag search on these platforms to look for passive candidates. You can find a content manager with a hash tag #contentmanager or #SEO. Follow them on twitter and reach through it. Prefer those who have an insight about topics and answer questions. Also, you can follow the companies that are doing better and connect with their employees. Facebook can also help to find matching profiles. Target people who are into a job for some time and open new opportunities for them.
  • Try more targeted social media: Involving more upon social media stumble your chances of getting success. Websites like Snapchat, reddit and instagram are not popular for passive hire hunting unlike LinkedIn or Xing. But that also means a low competition on these websites. Though, users on this website do not like aggressive recruiting but you can initiate the process carefully.
  • Check out portfolio/ work sample sites: Online sourcing allows you to see candidate’s work on portfolio websites. Github is a good choice if you are looking for a developer and Behance, Dribble and carbonmade are ideal sites if you are looking for designers. You can host a coding challenge on this website and check out the talent.
  • Try sourcing tool: Sourcing talent from online communities allows you to see the environment and prospect of candidates in which they are living and working. It allows a personalized communication and brings more information.
  • Meeting passive candidates in person: Meeting someone face to face is equally significant even in the era of social media. It builds trust and rapport. You can attend conferences and events that allow you to meet many passive candidates. There are many websites that provide you a list of people who are attending the event. Having an idea about who is attending the event lets you prepare for it and conversations flow easily. You can yourself arrange such kind of events. Meeting people in person increases the chances of finding an efficient candidate.
  • Meet passive candidates through connections: It is often said that best employees can be found through reference only. These people rarely quit and work responsibly. You can ask your current employees for referrals. Send specific emails regarding the role you are asking for. Your network is the first place you should look for.
  • Meet through past hiring processes: You can use your database and call for previously rejected candidates. Such people can be the best employees in the future. Your ATS provides you with the data of a good number of employees instantly. There are many candidates who get rejected at the last stage of the hiring process.
  • Meet through tools and services: Manual searches are not enough if you want the best results. Do check websites that offer a good database with millions of resumes at your fingertips.

How to Screen Passive candidates?

You can screen passive candidates in a similar way you screen active candidates.

  • Have a clear understanding of your objectives: Stick to your must-have qualifications list and keep a list of your required general qualities in your mind.
  • Check out passive candidate’s social media account: A look on their accounts will help you to understand those candidates in a better way.
  • Keep an open mind about their online presence: Hire for attitude and not for their skills as skills can be easily taught.

How to recruit passive candidates?

Passive candidates are those who are not looking for a job but a good opportunity might attract them.

  • Approach them carefully: When you approach these candidates through social media be careful about the message you draft, and they may not like it.
  • Send personalized sourcing emails: You can write them a personalized email with a great content. Talk about their wishes and interests and give them enough details to make them curious.
  • Communicate what passive candidates want to know: Approach passive candidates with the information that is useful to them. Only a clear picture of what you are going to offer can help them prepare their mind.