Sourcing Candidates

How to source for candidates on Facebook?

Started with the Mark Zuckerbug’s attempt to create a private network channel for his friends and colleagues, Facebook has a come a long way since then.

Currently, it is the biggest social media network in the world with more than 1 billion users. With our ultimate guide to candidate sourcing, you can definitely find talent on Facebook to fill open roles.

Your next hire might have been sharing a post or picture on the Facebook right now.

Too many users on a single platform make it ideal for the purpose of recruiting. It has become an easily available space to attract and convert talent into hires. The latest features, the newest trends and best practices, recruitment through Facebook is an interesting concept.

How to recruit employees on Facebook?

Facebook recruiting is not limited to posing jobs online only but there can be a pattern of searching the candidates online proactively and building relations with them.

It develops a mutual trust and you can encourage them to apply for the vacant job positions.

Be direct

Posting the job vacancies directly on your company’s Facebook page can be the simplest option. The ad post will route candidates directly to your Facebook page and, they will take interest in further information  and visit your company careers page.

Interestingly, Facebook provides different customization options for your Company profile. The choices of ‘Early careers’ and ‘Professional careers’ makes it easy for the newcomers to find jobs of their choice.

Indirect methods

It is not only the direct job openings but Facebook can be a great platform to promote your employer’s brand and improve your Company’s image. Recruiters post potent information regarding the culture and mission of the organization.

Sponsored ads and buzz words help recruiters to target their audience. It helps them to reach the potent areas that are left behind their approach.

Your current employees are your other potent source for Facebook recruitment. They can be your best advocates in the front of your target candidates. Let them use their Facebook page to express their achievements and their experience at your Company.

Post videos of your office get-together, office day sneak peek, after-work Friday meet up or training sessions.

The pictures will represent your happy office culture and teamwork spirit. The applicants will get an idea about your vibrant work culture. They will have a clear idea what working with them will feel like.


This is what Facebook is meant for. The platform gives you space for building relations candidates and networking with potential hires. Recruiters must assign a manager to respond to people’s questions and answer them as soon as you create your Company’s page.

The conversations can be later stepped up to ‘Career chats’. The real time session will motivate candidates to apply for jobs. Also, there are special groups for recruiters which you should join.

Source candidates

Facebook can be a great platform to source for passive candidates as well. You can search for these candidates based on their special ideas and special criteria.

  • Job title – who live near you
  • Job title – who speak a particular language
  • People who work with (competitor)

Increase employee referral activity

Facebook recruitment makes a great way for referral activities. It becomes quite easy for employees for to share jobs and attract candidates on a social media platform. Moreover, they know your work culture, and they already what kind of employees will be the best match to it. They will search the best potential coworkers for them and this will help in building the human infrastructure of your company.

A step-by-step guide

The following strategic step-by-step guide will help you to start with the recruitment process.

  1. Find the potential candidates.
  2. Create a Facebook page.
  3. Share your Company culture in pictures and posts.
  4. Create the job post ad.
  5. Promote your job post ads for free on your page, Company profile and with the help of your current employees.
  6. Take up a small budget and promote your jobs.
  7. Use Facebook live
  8. Create job tabs.
  9. Communicate with the potential employees.
  10. Share specialized content that will help in recruitment.

The Facebook recruitment will help you to take the candidate sourcing process to a complete new level.

Facebook can be the ultimate guiding force to source, attract and hire new employees.

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