Sourcing Candidates

How to use technology to source for candidates

Sourcing for recruits without technology is like going for hunting without a weapon. Tough recruiters use all their creative approach to make their way to hidden treasure.

All thanks to technology, there are many sourcing tools that can make your recruiting easier.

We have enlisted the topmost recruiting tools to solve your daily quests:

Resume databases

There are tools that can help you find talented people through different career pages. These are few tools:

  1. Talentbin: Monster’s talent bin is a large pool of database including millions of profiles. The Boolean search feature gives you access to millions of passive candidates. They extract information from all the social media accounts and help you reach out to them.
  2. Career builder Resume Data: The working of this tool is similar to that of Monster’s talent bin. The database has profiles and resumes of abundant of clients. The career builder’s semantic technology supports effective Boolean searches.
  3. Zillion resumes: The aggregated platform is a hub to thousands of profiles and resumes. The aggregator database gathers resumes from different sources. You can find much ‘hard-to-find’ talent with the help of this tool matching your criteria.
  4. Hired: The platform brings recruiters and recruits on a single platform giving them opportunity to interact. Recruiter can create their profile and browse through the required talent. It is believed that recruits respond to 95% of queries.
  5. Hiring Solved: The platform allows you to search for candidates from across all over the world. Even language is no barrier. It lets you search for the candidates similar to your choice.
  6. Sourcing .io: This is a large database of engineers. You can browse through them using available filters. Team referrals and social networking are two features can be seen through the online connection of your team. It will help you in finding right candidate.


The work samples of a candidate are the best example of their talent. Impressive portfolios catch immediate attention. These few tools will help you in finding designers and developers.

  1. Carbonmade: It is fun to browse through carbonmade as it is a hub of collection of portfolios and projects that showcase creative art. You will enjoy looking at the work of designers, copywriters, photographers and architects.
  2. Github: The most popular platform for developers, Github is a great place to look through coding. Github has lot to offer for IT recruiters.
  3. Behance: Behance is the best app to look for creative professionals. The huge network of Behance is a good option. It allows you to search for the right candidate all around the world and you will be able to run targeted search like (Auto CAD). It allows you to post job posts too.

Networking Platform

Firstly, it is difficult to differentiate between active and passive candidates and secondly, communicating with them is another level of complication.

These few websites will help you in the process of networking. These sites can get you started in connecting and emailing candidates today:

  1. Angel List: The platform was set up for startups. However, it is not focused towards passive candidates but it is definitely for quality recruits. Recruiters can directly browse through startups and directly communicate.
  2. Event brite: The website gives you a chance to host, promote or browse an event that will help you find candidates. This way, you will come across employees will be interested in knowing about the latest trends.
  3. Meetup: This is another popular website for hosting events. It allows you to check the list of people who will be attending the event. Even if you are not interesting in attending the event, you have the names of attendees.
  4. Twitter: The hashtag conversations of Twitter are a great ally of sourcing. Try to participate in every relevant hashtag. The advanced search of twitter can be a great help.
  5. Vested: Check out how we get you connected to the very best talent.


It is the most trustworthy way of recruitment. The best employees bring in other employees. Making referrals a part of your routine will be a great help.

LinkedIn and Facebook are great sources for getting referrals.