Career Change

Don’t Get Married to Your First Job Out of College

Even before your final year of college, you need to start preparing yourself for life after graduation. This includes working on your CV, researching your options, and gaining potential network connections. Although getting your first job may seem like a scary process, with preparation it will become easier.

By being efficient in your job search and following a few basic steps, it will increase your chances of landing a job, even if it isn’t a job you stay in. The important thing to remember is that not many people get hired for their dream job immediately—and it is okay not to know which career path you want to take—your experiences and life skills will help you to map out your future. You never know, your dream job may not be what you thought it was either.

Today, there are numerous sites such as LinkedIn and Vested which can be beneficial to those looking for a job. These sites are dedicated to professionals and can help connect you to endless networking opportunities. They can also be used as a digital CV or portfolio tool, which is accessed by potential employers.

However, be mindful that social media can also have its downfalls. Do not assume that your online presence is private because it is not. So when posting those drunken party pictures to Facebook, keep in mind who may be able to access them. Your new boss may not appreciate it.

Don’t be afraid to ask for references. Be proactive and ask for any recommendations that you can put on your CV. Your college tutors or sporting coaches can provide potential employers with valuable insights into the way you work and think.

Although it may be tempting to apply for lots of jobs in different fields, this can have a negative effect and make you look uncommitted and unfocused. This is especially true if you are unsure about where you want to be in life. Be mindful of conveying such uncertainty in your application or interview.

It is important to remember not to  compare yourself to others. Everyone has different strengths, weakness, and goals in life. Don’t worry what your friends are doing; what job they are doing or path they are following may not be right for you.

Have courage and confidence to do what you feel is right, don’t settle for an average job in an industry you don’t want to be in, and don’t allow others to make you feel guilty about your choices. You have your whole life ahead of you and lots of wonderful experiences to have and interesting people to meet. Some that will shape your future; you never know which of these opportunities may be the right fit for you.

Following your heart and being happy in what you are doing is important, no-one wants to look back in later life and regret the choices they made. If you want to take off and travel the world, or flipping burgers makes you happy, it is your life to live the way you want to.