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The Problem

Unemployment rates might be at historic lows, but that doesn’t mean that finding a job is easy. Technology is quickly displacing a large number of workers, and jobs are becoming increasingly specialized.

  • Almost 200,000 people change jobs every day
  • On average it takes 3 months to find a new job

The way we look for new opportunities is changing and job seekers must evolve

  • Job boards are making it hard for candidates to stick out
  • There’s a “Shadow Market” of job opportunities that go unadvertised
  • Social media means hiring managers are looking within a smaller network for hires

How We Help

Vested works with job seekers of diverse backgrounds to stand apart in their job search

Talent Pool Creation


Through a dedicated career coach, we understand your background and ideal next steps in your career

Interested Candidates Ranked and Sorted


Our team of marketers and branding experts help you build an online and offline presence designed to showcase what you have to offer to prospective employers

Outreach That Gets Results


We leverage a suite of tools to rocket fuel your networking and generate meaningful conversations so you’re one step closer to landing your dream job

why vested

Why Vested

Today's job market is overwhelming, highly competitive, and even cruel at times. Great people get left behind due to adverse circumstances.

But Vested understands the value of hard work and talent. We strive to give a fair pedestal to showcase every candidate to our partners.

Under our new initiative - Vested Uplift - we work with a handful of talented individuals and leverage our experience to boost their candidacy and help them find fulfilling work.

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If you’re having a tough time finding meaningful work, you should consider applying to Vested’s Uplift program.

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