Hiring Best Practices

Can’t Decide Which Candidate to Hire? Look at These Factors

As a hiring manager, you might have an overwhelming number of qualified candidates to choose from when you’re trying to fill open positions at your company. When it is hard to differentiate between the qualifications of many candidates, you will need to look beyond their resumes and work experience to find the best fit for the job. If you are having a difficult time deciding between candidates, here are a few tips to help you make your final decision:

Personality Fit

As a current employee of your company, you are in the ideal spot to determine if your potential new hire has the best personality for the position. Personality assessments look at many factors, including interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, and other factors, to help determine if your potential new-hire has the best personality for the position. Be sure to think of your company’s culture and how this candidate might fit in with the group. Sometimes, a conflicting personality might be what gives one candidate the edge over another. Introducing potential candidates to your team prior to making the hire can be a good way to determine if they will be the right fit with your company’s culture. These intangibles can make a big difference down the road, so take care to choose wisely.

Skills Assessment

A skills assessment is a great way to objectively determine who is the strongest candidate for the job. A black-and-white skills test will help you to assess where each candidate lies in comparison to one another. This will take all of the guesswork out of the process by objectively identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate so that you are not blinded by other factors.

How Well Does Education Match Up

There are certain jobs that do and do not require degrees. If your open position does, then you can help choose a candidate based on how well the position matches their education. For example, say you were hiring a benefits specialist or some sort of recruiter. A degree in business administration degree, versus a degree in general business, is going to prove slightly more experienced and knowledgeable of the concepts that are going to be used on the job. This can be a tie breaker of sorts for you, if you have trouble choosing between two candidates.

Look Beyond the Resume

When evaluating a resume, it is important to look beyond the relevant work experience and educational background. Especially if you are comparing two candidates to one another, you should look to see which resume conveys a more professional tone.

Long-Term View

If you are still having challenges determining which candidate is the best for the job, it is recommended to take the long-term view and try to visualize each person in the future of your company. Although you clearly have short-term needs that have to be addressed immediately, it is also critical that you pick a candidate who is willing to contribute to the team for years to come.

In a hot job market, it can be paramount to make hiring decisions quickly. By having these considerations ready to go, you can make an offer immediately. Working with Vested to find candidates will bring you more qualified job seekers and reduce the time to hire by 55 percent! Contact Vested today for a consultation.