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How to Use Email to Attract Clients

Missing sales can be a painful thing especially if the reason was a poorly written email and poor communication mode.

The three must-have elements in a great email to attract clients are friendly tone, respect, and relevance. It’s how we land great clients like our success story with Moka.

This article will share vital tips and information on how to use email to attract clients and get positive response from clients.

Emails are a great tool for communication used by individuals and businesses alike.

Many business owners often find it hard to translate prospective clients into customers.

If you experience so much difficulty in this area of your business, then you may need to focus on your use of emails as well as other modes of communication.

At the end of this article, you will have learnt new ways to use email to attract clients.

The points enumerated below, are intended to teach you how to use email to attract clients and to make them patronize you.

Use of Salutations

As said earlier, one of the essential elements a good email written to attract clients should have is a tone of respect.

The use of greetings such as “Hello,” “Hi,” or any other variation like “Good morning/evening/day” should be used as a form of respect and friendliness. The name of the email’s recipient should be used as well and not the generic “Ma and Sir.”

Use of subject lines and appropriate email content.

A great email should avoid the use of subject lines that are not relevant to the content of the message. Emails should be relevant and transparent and the use of exaggeration should be avoided in the content too.

A subject line that sounds too good will ultimately end up in the trash.

Showcase your phone number(s)

No one writes an email without expecting to hear from the recipient. If you want your client to call you back, you must make sure to have your phone number or contact options easily accessible.

It should be placed in a position where it would be easily seen and the word “please call me” or “please contact me” should be included.

Be clear about your intentions

The use of open-ended questions should be avoided words like, “what do you think?”

Also, do not form a habit of making your customers feel like you are making them do extra work. Words like, “As soon as I get your response, I will ….,” etc.

Take control of action steps

When trying to know how to use email to attract clients, it is important to note that it is an aberration to ask clients to get back to you.

Asking clients what date is best for them will make you lose control.

When taking control of action steps in the email, never make it too obvious that you are taking control.

Instead, it will be wise to use words such as “I’ll give you a call on Wednesday to discuss.”

Minimal use of punctuation

Another thing to note as you learn how to use email to attract clients is to make it appear professional.

This can be achieved by making it simple. Economical use of exclamation marks is advised.

Never make a mistake of using multiple question marks. Excessive use of ellipsis points will make your email look like an email written to solicit for help.


Email should only be flagged as high priority if the client requested you to do that. Therefore, it is advisable you don’t use it at all.

The basic ingredient you need in your quest to know how to use email to attract client is the time to write a friendly, respectful, and relevant email which, will enable you get the best response from your client and prospect.

It’s how you build a successful and thriving business.

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