Hiring Best Practices

How to speed up the hiring process timeline?

Hiring is a tedious task. Even, it can irritate everyone involved in the process. Moreover, it is a time-consuming process.

It is hard to find talent. It can be costly and time consuming. It comes and goes in the blink of eye.

A company needs a pace to acquire adequately comparing candidates and secure these top performers.

The top performers might move to other companies and positions if your hiring process takes too long.

In a survey, the recruiters asked a question about the most common reason behind candidates rejecting client job offers?

One-fourth of the candidates step back because companies take too long to make an appropriate offer.

To keep clients interested it is necessary to shorten the timeline of hiring process.

Tips to shorten the timeline of hiring process

Recruiters can speed up the hiring process by following these ways:

Be more selective about candidates

It is important to be more selective about the candidates you interview and send to your clients. Being choosy, saves you from initial vetting and interviewing stages. Instead of interviewing 25 not so good candidates, it is better to interview 10 exceptional candidates.

Spend more time and effort in sourcing for exceptional talent.

Make sure that you send only most qualified candidates to your clients. This way, your client would have to interview a limited candidates and it will speed up the process of hiring. It will fasten up the process for candidates as well.

The easiest way is to narrow candidates in starting as it saves you and your clients from hours of work. You can cut out the hiring work by weeks this way.

Cut out the unnecessary steps

Usually, there are a few steps in each task that take longer time. Identify these steps in the process of hiring and clean them up. Eliminate the unnecessary steps involved.

Utilize technology

Technology can help you to speed up the process of hiring. For example, video interview is the invention of technology. All this information can be placed in a well-developed careers page on your company website.

Candidate does not need to fly down from another city for the interview.

It allows you to complete interviews faster. If selected for next round, you can conclude a face to face interview with the same candidate.

Think about using on demand recruiting. It’s easier (and less costly) to subscribe to a recruiting monthly subscription to find candidates. Let others do the heavy lifting (candidate sourcing).

Automation processes are also of great help. For example, an automated email can be generated if a candidate efficiently completes some specific steps of the interview. The triggered email will explain about the next steps of the recruitment. It will save your communication time.

Eliminate software programs

Consolidate your already existing recruitment software. Go for software that possesses more features and you do not need to log in and out constantly. It saves you time from tracking down and transferring information from one source to another.

For example, you can choose software that includes a tracking system for application, job posting function and email marketing service. With such software you do not need to switch between different programs to track recruitment and complete your work.

Check references sooner

Checking references sooner will help you to speed up the recruiting process. Often, recruiters do not check references till the end of hiring process when an offer is near. There is no point in waiting for so long.

When you ask candidates for the references when the hiring process is almost done, they spend a good time to collect the information, round it up and send to you. On the contrary, if asked in time they will gather the information soon and pass it to you. Checking references sooner will help you to make a quick decision.

It doesn’t mean that you need to ask for references when the process is in pipeline. It will slow down the process even more. Choose a place in between where having the reference can help you. For example, you can ask for a reference when you ready to send a candidate to the client.

A quick communication between parties

As a liaison between your client and a candidate, it’s your duty to communicate quickly. The speed of hiring process rests on your back. Follow up with your clients and candidates throughout the process. If requires, you can also pressurize them a bit by encouraging them to share all the required information and their decisions faster.

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